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New Media

Web presence should be so much more than just a website, it’s another platform by which you can accomplish your goals. Today’s public policy decisions are made in a fish bowl of Facebook groups, tweets, texts, blogs and email campaigns that come from all corners. Our expertise is in harnessing all the New Media world has to offer and focusing the disparate groups on your issue and agenda. The messages that work on TV or radio won’t necessarily work on the internet. We can help you refine your message to best target potential supporters or activate your grassroots network or build a total on-line presence.

From banner ads to blogging, texting to Twitter, emails to Facebook, the experts at the Black Rock Group can help you design and implement an innovative public affairs campaign to take advantage of all the web has to offer to keep your consumer informed but not overwhelmed.


Candidate or cause, your online presence begins with your website. TV ads, direct mail, email, online advertising will all funnel people back to your website. We can help analyze the effectiveness of your current site or help you build a site from scratch which accomplishes all of your objectives.

Websites don't have to be expensive in order to get the job done. Let the experts at the Black Rock Group help improve your online presence.

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