Public Policy Campaigns

Successful issue advocacy campaigns utilize all available resources to achieve the end goal. They require organization, planning, cooperation and execution across all platforms. How a message is delivered is as important as the message itself. In today’s electronic age consumers are continuously bombarded with information. A key component to a winning campaign is to ensure that the message is delivered in a form it will be consumed, and spur the desired action. Whether it be by TV, mail, phone, email, text, flash, word of mouth or viral campaign.

Winning campaigns demand more than lobbying, they also involve coordination and action from the grassroots to grasstops and up the legislative chain.

Through our expertise, we can help make sure you’re asking the right questions, framing the debate in the appropriate manner and are delivering messages so they are heard and your objective achieved.

Issue Advocacy and Coalition Building

Black Rock Group is unique because of our experience planning and managing issue campaigns. Whether you have an issue that needs to be pushed to the forefront of the debate, or if you’re looking to build a coalition to move forward your cause, we can help. Our partners have executed issue campaigns at the local, state and national levels, and have helped bring together diverse groups who have worked together to achieve common goals.